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The Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Acute Pain and Beta- Endorphins of Needle Biopsy



INFORMATION : page. 99~106 / 2013 Vol.15 No.3


전립선암은 주요 암 중 상승률이 가장 높으며(Korea Central Cancer, 2011) 사망률 역시 최근 10년간 3배 이상 급증하였다(National Cancer Information Center, 2010). 전립선암의 증가 원인으로는 최근 노인인구의 급속한 증가, 서구화된 고지방식이로 인한 체지방의 증가 및 운동 부족 등이 있으며 그 외 전립선암 조기진단법의 발달도 전립선암의 증가율과 발생률을 상승시킨다. 전립선암은 전립선특 이항원(Prostate Speci c Antigen, PSA)과 전립선 침생검술로 진단하 고 있다. 전립선 침생검술은 경직장초음파(Transrectal ultrasonography, TRUS) 유도하에 10-12곳의 전립선조직을 채취하는 시술로서 (Kim, 2007; Park, Jeoung, Park, & Park, 2002) 현미경 probe가 항문을 통해 직장으로 주입되고 생검용 침이 직장 점막을 뚫고 전립선 조 직을 채취하는 과정으로, 시술환자의 상당수가 불편감과 중등도의 통증을 보고하고 있으며(Park, Hong, & Roh, 2005; Park et al., 2002; Seymour, Perry, Lee-Elliot, Dundas, & Patel, 2001), 다수의 환자들은 통증조절이 되지 않으면 주기적인 반복 생검을 거부하겠다고 보고 (Rodriguez, Kyriakou, Leray, Lobel, & Guille, 2003)할 정도로 통증이 중요한 요소로 작용하고 있다.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect on plasma beta endorphin concentration level and the influences on pain score of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) mediation to patients During a prostate needle biopsy. Methods: TENS was administered to only the experimental group. The electric current was given in high frequency (40-100 pps) and low intensity (2-50 μs) from the waiting room stage until the end of the procedure. The average time spent was 35 minutes. Following 10 minutes of retention in the rectum, there was a biopsy. In two groups, the pain score was assessed twice when vas pain penetrated into the rectum, during the needle biopsy. The Beta endorphin concentration level was assessed through blood gathering 2 times in the Nuclear Medicine Labs before and after the test. Results: There was not much difference in pain levels from both groups when a microscope probe penetrated into the rectum and in the time when tissues were collected. However, the average overall pain level was reduced during those two procedures. The plasma beta endorphin level was increased in the TENS medicated group compared with the unmedicated group after the procedures were completed. Conclusion: The research indicates that TENS was desirable to be considered as a non-invasive method for controlling pain.

Keyword :

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS),Needle biopsy,Acute pain,Beta-endorphin,경피신경전기자극,생검,급성 통증,베타엔돌핀


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