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Changes in Pain, Muscle Strength and Flexibility according to Pinch Lift and Rubbing Manual Therapy and Stretching Application for Low Back Pain



INFORMATION : page. 1~7 / 2014 Vol.16 No.1


요통은 사람이 살아가면서 흔히 발생하는 증상으로, 대부분의 사람들은 살면서 한 번 이상의 허리통증을 겪는다고 알려져 있다(Park, Lee, & Lee, 2005). 이러한 요통은 척주를 둘러싼 인대나 근육, 관절 및 허리 운동과 관련된 근육들의 긴장이나 피로 또는 약화에 따라 발생하는 것으로 알려져 있다(Michael, 2002). 통증의 지속 시간에 따라 6주 이하면 급성, 6주에서 12주 사이를 아급성, 12주 이상일 경우 만성으로 분류한다(Wheeler, 1995). 급성인 경우는 대부분이 2개월 내에 호전을 보이는 반면 재발하는 경우가 많고 그 중의 10%는 만성요통으로 진행하게 된다.

Purpose: This research was implemented for men in their thirties who have lower back pain to observe general activity disorder patterns during pinch lift and rubbing manual therapy (PMT) and stretching application. Methods: Participants were divided into three groups: The PMT Group used applied pinch lift and rubbing manual therapy; the STR Group used applied stretching; and the CON Group was the control group. Participants for each group received treatments that were conducted three times a week for a total five weeks. Measures of pain utilized Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) [INCOMPLETE SENTENCE]. Results: There were significant differences between the PMT Group and the CON Group as well as the STR Group and the CON Group for pain, muscle strength and flexibility. There was a significant difference in pain between the PMT Group and the STR Group. Conclusion: As a result, it is inferred that PMT and stretching positively influenced recovery with regards to pain, muscle strength and flexibility relief; however PMT is more effective for pain relief than stretching.

Keyword :

Low back pain,PMT,Stretching,요통,근혈수기요법,스트레칭


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