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The Effect of Ulmus Dressing on Burn Wound in Rats



INFORMATION : page. 89~98 / 2005 Vol.7 No.1


Purpose : The purpose of this study is to compare the effect of Ulmus(root-bark) dressing with vaseline gauze dressing on burn wound(third degree) in rats. Method : Ten male Sprague-Dawley rats were used in the study. The rats were anesthetized with Ketamine 100mg/kg. Bum wounds were made for each animal by specially designed apparatus. Ulmus dressing was applied once a day for 4 weeks in the experimental group(n-5), vaseline gauze dressing in the control group(n=5). The wounds were photographed and excised. Result : After 10 days of dressing, size of bum wounds of Ulmus dressing group decreased significantly compared to that of vaseline gauze dressing group. After 10 days of dressing, degree of inflammatory infiltration was shown lower in Ulmus dressing than in vaseline gauze group. There was no significant difference after dressing at day of 19 and 27 in degree of inflammatory infiltration.

Keyword :

느릅나무 근피 드레싱,화상,Ulmus dressing,Burn wound


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