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Temporal changes of the activity of catalase, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase in BALB/c mice skin after a single dose UVB irradiation



INFORMATION : page. 53~61 / 2001 Vol.3 No.1


Skin is constantly exposed to air, solar radiation, ozone and other air pollutants formulating free radicals. The reactive oxygen species(ROS), formed under these conditions, are associated with skin cancers, cutaneous photoaging, and cutaneous inflammatory disorders. In this study, we sought to establish an animal model for UVB-induced skin alteration using BALB/c mice. The level of UVB irradiation used in this model was within physiological dose. BALB/c mice were exposed to a single dose of UVB (200mJ/㎠) and were sacrificed at 3, 6, 24, and 48 hours following the irradiation. The effect of a single exposure to UVB irradiation on skin catalase(CAT), superoxide dismutase(SOD), and glutathione peroxidase(GPx) activities were examined. Significant decrease in the activity of all enzymes were observed at 6 hours after irradiation(p<.05). The activity of CAT decreased more sharply than those of SOD and GPx, and then remained depressed until 48 hours after UVB irradiation, whereas the activity of GPx recovered to basal level at 48 h after UVB irradiation. Our results indicate that BALB/c mouse could be an adequate animal model of UVB irradiation experiment. These results will also provide fundamental knowledge for the effective nursing strategies in reducing UV-induced skin disorders.

Keyword :

항산화효소,자외선조사,BALB/c마우스,catalase,superoxide dismutase,and glutathione peroxidase,BALB/c mouse,UVB irradiation


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