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An Analysis on the Researches Using Biological Measurement in Major Korean Nursing Journals



INFORMATION : page. 61~72 / 2006 Vol.8 No.2


Purpose : This study was to examine the frequency, distribution and characteristics of researches using biological measurement published from 2000 to 2004 in 10 major nursing journals in Korea. Design: Literature analysis Method: Journals including papers using biological measurements, publishing year, research design and outcome variables were analyzed. Results: 1. Researches using biological measurement were 318(13.3%). 2. Researches using biological measurement in the Korean Academy of Nursing were highest(97papers, 17.5%) among the nursing journals. The proportion of papers using biological measurement to total number of papers was the highest in the Journal of Korean Biological Nursing Science as 77.3% (51papers). 3. The 233 papers(73.3%) were experimental researches among 318 papers using biological measurement which showed the highest proportion. 4. Patients were highest subjects of researches using biological measurement(197papers, 61.9%). 5. Blood test was most frequently used as physiological variables from 2001 to 2004. Conclusion; Researches using biological measurement of 10 Korean Nursing Journals in year 2000-year 2004 were very low. We need more researches using biological measurement to provide more objective evidence for nursing practice.

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생물학적 측정,간호학회지,연구 분석,biological monitoring,nursing research,measurement,literature review


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