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A Study on the Perception of Sex and Sexual Life of the Elderly



INFORMATION : page. 13~27 / 2006 Vol.8 No.2


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to review the elderly people’s sexual life, their perception of sex and identify difference between perception of sex of elderly and adults. Methods: A structured questionnaire survey was conducted for 188 elderly people and 181 adults. Collected data was analyzed with frequency, percentage, χ²- test, t-test, ANOVA. Results: 54.0% of the elderly were keeping their sexual life. 44.6% of those keeping their sexual life had a sexual affair once or twice a month. 56.4% of them had a sexual affair with their spouses. The elderly subjects scored 2.04 on average out of the full point of 4.0 about their perception of sexual life. Specifically, male subjects scored higher(2.41) than female subjects(1.67). There was significant difference between the elderly people’s perception of sexual life and adults’ the perception of sexual life about the elderly. The perception of sexual life differed significantly depending on the existence and non-existence of the spouse, sex, education, health state, present sexual life, sexual frequency, sexual satisfaction, the solution of its desire, the feeling about the sex. Conclusion: It was demonstrated through this study that the elderly people were maintaining their sexual desire and life continuously, and therefore, it is conceived that the elderly people’s sex should be assessed and handled from a general perspective.

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