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A Study on the Health and Nutritional Status and Nutrient Intakes in Elderly Korean Female



INFORMATION : page. 39~47 / 2010 Vol.12 No.1


최근 경제수준의 향상과 생활환경의 개선 및 의료기술의 발달에 의해 국민의 평균수명이 길어져 노인 인구가 급격하 게 증가하고 있다(The Statistics Korea, 2008). 우리나라는 2000년에 이미 고령화 사회(노인 인구 7% 이상)에 진입하여 2008년 총 인구 중 65세 이상 노인 인구가 차지하는 비율은 10.3%였으며, 향후 8년 후 2018년에는 고령사회(노인 인구 14% 이상)에, 2026년에는 초고령사회(노인 인구 20% 이상)에 도달할 것으로 전망하고 있다(The Statistics Korea, 2008). 이와 같이 세계 어느 나라보다 빠른 노령화 진행 속도로 인해 (Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2008), 노인의 신체적, 정신적 건강문제가 중요한 사회적 문제로 대두되고 있다.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the health status, nutritional status, and nutrient intakes of Korean female elderly who are members of a local church in Seoul, Korea. Methods: The subjects were 59 female who are aged >65 yr. We investigated the nutritional status of the subjects using anthropometric and biochemical measurements. Interview was conducted to obtain the information regarding the health status. We also obtained dietary intake of these subjects to figure out the nutrient intakes. Results: The mean age of the subject was 74.0 yr old. Based on the WHO standard (obesity, body mass index, BMI ≥25), we categorized the subjects to the obese and the non obese groups. The number of subjects in the obese group was 34 (57.6%). The mean Diastolic BP (p=.002), BMI (p<.001), waist circumference (p<.001), hip circumference (p<.001), blood level of transferrin (p=.038), and nutrient intakes of calcium (p=.026), potassium (p=.046), folate (p=.038) and vitamin E (p=.031) were higher in the obese group than in the non obese group. The subjects with hypertension was 67.5%. The presence of hypertension was correlated with BMI (p<.05). The number of subjects with hypercholesterolemia was 17 (28.8%). The level of cholesterol was correlated with BMI (p<.05) and wasit/hip ratio (p<.05). Conclusion: The female elderly in our study had higher prevalence of obesity which is a risk factor for hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. The nutrient intake of high sodium, high cholesterol, and low dietary fiber of these subjects suggests that there is an urgent need to develop an well planned nutritional education program for female elderly.

Keyword :

Female elderly; Body mass index; Hypertension; Hypercholesterolemia; Calcium; Low dietary fiber


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