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Changes in Stress, Occupational Stress, and Subjective Health Problems of Novice Female Nurses: Secondary Data Analysis


Choi Ji Yun 
Ki Ji Son 
Kim Kyeong Sug 
Kim Soyeon 
Choi-kwon Smi 

INFORMATION : page. 131~139 / 2022 Vol.24 No.2


Purpose: This study aimed to examine the changes in stress, occupational stress, and subjective health problems of novice female nurses within the first 18 months of work. Methods: This was a longitudinal study conducted with a secondary data analysis based on the Shift Work Nurse’s Health and Turnover (SWNHT) study. The participants were 178 female novice nurses who participated in all 3 data collection activities (on the first day of orientation before ward placement [T0], 6 months after work [T1], and 18 months after work [T2]). The stress, occupational stress, 8 subjective health problems (upper musculoskeletal pain, leg/foot discomfort, depression, anxiety or emotional disorder, sleep disturbance, headache, gastrointestinal disorder, menstrual disorder, and others), and the greatest health problem during the study period were measured, respectively. Data were analyzed using SPSS 26.0 to obtain descriptive statistics. Results: The subjective health of novice female nurses were found to be poor at T1 compared to T0 on both physical (upper musculoskeletal pain, leg/foot discomfort, and sleep disturbance) and psychological health problems (depression and stress). However, the psychological health problems of the participants were alleviated at T2 whereas; physical health problems persisted until T2. Conclusion: Novice nurses had poor health problems 6 months after work. Sleep disturbance and musculoskeletal pain persisted although other health problems such as depression and stress were alleviated over the period. Strategies to prevent and manage different health problems of novice female nurses at different work duration are urgently needed.

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