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The Effects of Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation on the Gait Ability of Stroke Patients with Hemiplegia: A Mixed Methods Research Study


Park Min Gyeong 
Ha Yeong Mi 
Cho Hyung Je 
Jeon Mi Yang 

INFORMATION : page. 72~82 / 2021 Vol.23 No.1


Purpose: This study used a mixed methods research design in an attempt to verify the effects of robot-assisted rehabilitation on the gait ability of stroke patients with hemiplegia, and thereby further understand the benefits and challenges of stroke patients’ experiences relying on robot-assisted rehabilitation. Methods: An exploratory sequential mixed methods study design was used in order to combine both quantitative and qualitative data. For the quantitative data collection, a total of 30 stroke patients with hemiplegia were recruited from one rehabilitation hospital. Qualitative data were collected through individual interviews using semi-structured questionnaires for a group of 15 patients who were currently undergoing robot-assisted rehabilitation. The data were analyzed through qualitative content analysis. Results: As a result of the quantitative analysis, there were significant differences between the two groups in terms of daily living activity patterns, total number of steps, and average walking speed. As a result of the qualitative analysis, the four main themes derived consisted of, ‘curiosity about the usage of robot-assisted rehabilitation,’ ‘pleasure experienced while using the robots,’ ‘insufficient information about robots,’ and ‘a lack of education about robot-assisted rehabilitation.’ Conclusions: Robot-assisted rehabilitation had a significant effect on the walking ability of stroke patients with hemiplegia. Additionally, stroke patients with hemiplegia experienced difficulty during the course of their robot-assisted rehabilitation, due to a lack of sufficient information on correct usage techniques. These quantitative and qualitative findings could provide the basic foundation for the development of an educational program on robot-assisted rehabilitation.

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뇌졸중,보행,재활,일상생활 동작


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