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Nutritional Intake and Postoperative Pulmonary Complications among Lung Cancer Patients who Underwent Pulmonary Resection


Lee Seon Hye 
Lee Haejung 
Hyun Sookyung 
Lee Mi Soon 
Kim Do Hyung 
Kim Yeong Dae 

INFORMATION : page. 11~21 / 2021 Vol.23 No.1


Purpose: The aim of this study was to examine the nutritional intake status of the lung cancer patients who underwent pulmonary resection and to analyze the relationship between the status of the nutritional intake and the occurrence of postoperative pulmonary complications. Methods: This study was a secondary analysis to determine whether the changes in the nutritional intake after surgery were related to pulmonary complications. Data of a total of 89 patients were included in the analysis and the nutritional intake status was confirmed using a 24-hour dietary recall method. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, chi-square or Fisher’s exact test, and ANOVA using the SPSS WIN 26.0 program and word clouds were generated using the R software program. Results: Overall, a decrease in the postoperative nutritional intake was observed in the patients who underwent pulmonary resection, except for the intake of fat. The pulmonary complications were identified to be associated with BMI and the presence of comorbidity. Twenty-three out of 74 patients with vitamin E levels below the Estimated Average Requirements developed pulmonary complications after surgery. Conclusion: Lung cancer patients who underwent pulmonary resection generally have difficulty in acquiring appropriate nutritional intake and need balanced nutritional management. Future investigations on the impact of increased vitamin E intake on postoperative pulmonary complications may provide better insight into the relationship between vitamin E intake and pulmonary complication among patients who underwent pulmonary resection.

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폐암,수술 후 합병증,영양상태,비타민E


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