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The Effects of Seogeum Therapy on Nasal Eosinophil, Nasal Symptoms, and Rhinitis Related Quality of Life in College Students with Allergic Rhinitis


Park Yeonja 
Kim Nahyun 

INFORMATION : page. 127~138 / 2020 Vol.22 No.2


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of Seogeum therapy on nasal eosinophil, nasal symptoms, and rhinitisrelated quality of life in college students with allergic rhinitis. Methods: A nonequivalent control group pre-post test design was used. There were 26 subjects in the experimental group and 26 subjects in the control group. The experimental group received Seogeum therapy on both hands 12 times for three weeks. The collected data were analyzed with SPSS 21.0 version using χ2-tests, Fisher’s exact test, independent t-test, and repeated measure of the ANOVA Results: After three weeks the positive rate of nasal eosinophils (p=.048) significantly decreased in the experimental group than in the control group. The experimental group demonstrated significantly lower total nasal symptom score (p=.032) and higher rhinitis-related quality of life (p<.001) compared to the control group. Conclusion: These findings showed that Seogeum therapy is effective as well as beneficial in relieving nasal symptoms and improving the rhinitis-related quality of life in college students with allergic rhinitis. Thus, Seogeum therapy may be an alternative nursing intervention for those suffering from allergic rhinitis.

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