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Effect of Individual Low Sodium Dialysate on Blood Pressure, Interdialytic Weight Gain, Thirst and Intradialytic Discomfort In End-Stage Renal Disease Patients


Kim Sangsuk 
Choi Youngsil 

INFORMATION : page. 169~177 / 2019 Vol.21 No.3


Purpose: The purpose of this paper was to identify blood pressure, interdialytic weight gain, thirst and intradialytic discomfort in subjects after applying individual low-sodium dialysis fluid (1,2,3 mEq/L) to hemodialysis patients for 12 weeks. Methods: This study was a non-equivalent pre-post design. For 12 weeks, dialysate concentration was maintained at 1 mEq/L or 2 mEq/L or 3 mEq/L based on average sodium concentration of each individual, and the difference was compared after applying individually. Results: Change in blood pressure significantly decreased in the group where in pre-hemodialysis systolic pressure decreased the gradient of sodium concentration in serum sodium and dialysis solution by 2mEq/L. Interdialytic weight gain, and thirst showed significant decrease in all three groups. But in all three groups, intradialytic discomfort among dialysis showed no significant changes. Conclusion: Although application of low sodium dialysis fluid showed no change in intradialytic discomfort, lowered blood pressure, thirst, and interdialytic weight gain, which could be used for individual showing increased interdialytic weight gain and increased blood pressure. There is need for continued study on this.

Keyword :

혈압,투석,갈증,체중증가,Blood pressure,Dialysis,Thirst,Weight gain


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