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Influencing Factors of the Metabolic Index and Cardiovascular Risk Factors on Depressive and Non-depressive Groups in the Vulnerable Diabetic Elderly Women


Sung Kiwol 

INFORMATION : page. 123~132 / 2019 Vol.21 No.2


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify influencing factors of metabolic index and cardiovascular risk factors, on depressive and non-depressive groups, in vulnerable diabetic elderly women. Methods: Participants were 137 vulnerable diabetic elderly women, using health centers in D city. Data were collected through interviews September though December 2017. The metabolic index was measured using National Cholesterol Education Program-Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP-ATP Ⅲ), and cardiovascular risk factors were measured using Framingham Risk Score (FRS). Depressive and non-depressive groups were divided by the score of Geriartric Depress Scale Short Korea Version (GDSSF). Collected data were analyzed using a x2 test, independent t-test, and binary logistic regression, with the SPSS/WIN 25.0 program. Results: Vulnerable diabetic elderly women, did not exercise in the depressive groups, and had higher triglyceride (TG), total cholesterol (TC) and larger waists, than in the non-depressive group. Results show that lack of exercise (OR=6.30), is the highest risk factor, influencing the depressive symptom in vulnerable diabetic elderly women. Conclusion: These results suggest that to reduce depressive symptom levels among vulnerable diabetic elderly women, nursing interventions are needed to increase exercise and decrease TG, TC, and waist size, particularly in improving exercise of vulnerable diabetic elderly women.

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