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The Effects of Empathy on Interpersonal Relationship through the Mediating Effect of Egoresilience in Nursing Students


Oh Ji Hyun  https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6924-436X
Hwang Young Hui  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2965-0969

INFORMATION : page. 196~203 / 2018 Vol.20 No.3


Purpose: The study was performed to investigate the effects of empathy on interpersonal relationships through the mediating effect of ego-resilience in nursing students. Methods: Data were collected from June 5 to 30, 2018 using a self-report questionnaire measuring empathy, interpersonal relationships and ego-resilience. The sample was 204 nursing college students. SPSS WIN 23.0 programs were used to analyze the data. Results: Ego-resilience was positively related to empathy (r=.37, p<.001) and interpersonal relationships (r=.36, p<.001) and empathy was positively related to interpersonal relationships (r=.37, p<.001). Regression analysis showed that ego-resilience was affected by empathy (β=0.37, p<.001), interpersonal relationships were affected by empathy (β=0.37, p<.001). Interpersonal relationships were affected by empathy (β=0.28, p<.001) and ego-resilience (β=0.26, p<.001). Therefore ego-resilience mediates between empathy and interpersonal relationships. Conclusion: It is necessary to develop an effective intervention program to improve nursing students’ empathy and ego-resilience.

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