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Comparison of Patient-Sitter Ward Nurses and General Ward Nurses on Work-Related Musculoskeletal Symptoms, Occupational Stress and Nursing Work Environments



INFORMATION : page. 169~178 / 2015 Vol.17 No.2


Purpose: This study aimed to compare work-related musculoskeletal symptoms, occupational stress and nursing work environments of nurses working in patient-sitter wards and general wards. Methods: The study surveyed 240 nurses with more than one year of experience working in both patient-sitter wards and general wards. The collected data then was analyzed by SPSS statistics version 22. Results: As for the musculoskeletal symptoms, the survey showed that 85.2% and 67.8% of the nurses had such symptoms respectively in patient-sitter wards and general wards. In terms of occupational stress, no significant difference was observed between the patient-sitter ward and the general ward (t=-0.23, p=.821). Lastly, the study showed that there is a significant difference in terms of work environment considering the scores recorded 2.65 and 2.55 points respectively in patient-sitter ward and general ward (t=2.53, p=.012). Conclusion: Follow-up research should look at ways to lower the rate of experiencing work-related musculoskeletal symptoms; analyze work performances and establish work standards to lower occupational stress; and devise measures to improve the work environment for the nurses working in patient-sitter wards.

Keyword :

Musculoskeletal disease,Occupational stress,Nursing work environments,Nurses,근골격계 질환,직무스트레스,간호업무환경,간호사


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