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Effects of Auricular Acupressure on Menstrual Pain, Difficulties in Daily Life, Negative Feelings and Autonomic Nervous Responses in Female College Students



INFORMATION : page. 159~168 / 2015 Vol.17 No.2


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of auricular acupressure on menstrual pain, difficulties in daily life, negative feelings and autonomic nervous responses among college students. Methods: A Randomized Controlled Trial design was used. The treatment group A (n=12) receivedauricular acupressure therapy on the first or second day of their menstrual period. Treatment group B (n=18) regularly received an auricular acupressure therapy once a week for a month. The control group (n=19) received no auricular acupressure therapy. An independent t-test was used to examine pre-post test differences in the group. The ANOVA and Scheffe test were used to examine pre-post test differences among the group. Results: Subjects in treatment group A showed significantly less menstrual pain, difficulties in daily life, and negative feelings than the control group did. The participants in treatment group B also showed significantly less difficulties in daily life and negative feelings than the control group. Conclusion: The findings support that auricular acupressure therapy on menstrual periods is effective in controlling menstrual pain, difficulties in daily life, and negative feelings. As the method is simple, it would be useful for female students to learn to use this method to alleviate the symptoms related to menstruation through self care.

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Acupressure,Pain,Dysmenorrhea,Complementary therapies,귀반사요법,통증,월경곤란증,대체요법


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