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Research Trends in Quantitative Nursing Studies and Quality Assessment of Intervention Studies in Patients with Heart Failure in South Korea


Son Youn-Jung 
Seo Eun Ji 

INFORMATION : page. 227~240 / 2017 Vol.19 No.4


심부전은 심장의 기능 혹은 구조적 이상으로 심실이 혈액을 충 분히 뿜어내지 못하여 신체에 필요한 만큼의 산소를 전달하지 못 하는 만성 진행성 비가역적 질환이다[1]. 최근 급속한 인구 고령화 와 더불어 심부전의 주요 원인인 심근경색의 발생률 증가, 스텐트삽 입술과 같은 치료기술의 발전에 따른 심혈관 질환의 만성화 경향으 로 인해 선진국에서는 성인 인구의 약 1-2%에서 심부전을 앓고 있으 며[2], 특히 70세 이상 노인에서는 약 10%가 심부전 환자로 보고되고 있다.

Purpose: The purpose of this review was to identify the current status of nursing studies on heart failure (HF) patients in South Korea and to suggest future study direction. Methods: A literature review of databases such as KoreaMed, KERIS and nursing and allied health journal were searched with key terms ‘heart failure’ and ‘nursing’ for the period from January 2000 to February 2017. A total of 35 studies including 28 articles and 7 theses met the inclusion criteria. Results: Twenty-seven out of 35 studies were observational studies on outpatients and most of the studies did not mention the ejection fraction and New York Heart Association functional classification class (NYHA class) in the inclusion criteria. Self-care and health-related quality of life as psychological factors, and physical activity as a biological factor, were used as main variables. However, we found it difficult to understand how much score indicates better quality of life because of an inconsistent and wide score. In quality assessment, 8 intervention studies had no serious flaws. Conclusion: Further studies should consider more biological and social factors influencing HF. The quality assessment with respect to nursing intervention studies in HF showed that randomized and double-blind trials are needed.

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심부전,삶의 질,자가간호,중재


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