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The Effectiveness of Community-based Muscle and Joint Self Management Program for Older Adults


AUTHOR : Song Hyo Jeong,Park Hyeung-Keun,Jwa Seung Hun,Moon Su Hee,Kim Se Hee,Shin Ju Yeon,Han Ji Yoon,Lee Ji Eun,Jang Mi Young,Hyun Eun

INFORMATION : page. 191~197 / 2017 Vol.19 No.3


우리나라 노인인구 비율은 2015년 12.8%에서 2026년에 20%로 빠르게 증가하여 초고령사회에 진입할 예정이며, 2037년에 30%, 2058년에 40%를 초과할 추세이다. 특히 85세 이상의 초고령 인구수는 2015년 51만 명에서 2024년 100만 명, 2065년 505만 명이 될 것으로 예상되어 2015년 대비 10배 수준으로 증가할 것이며, 85세 이상 인구 구성비 또한 2015년 1% 수준에서 2065년 11.7%로 증가할 전망이다.

Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a community-based muscle and joint self-management program with muscle stretching and muscle strengthening exercises for community-dwelling older adults. Methods: The study was a pre-and-post design in a single group, which examined the effects after the intervention of muscle and joint self-management program for 6 weeks, on the 42 subjects of the elderly who registered in a Community Senior Center in J city. Data analyses were conducted with paired t-test by using a SAS (version 9.2 for Windows) program. Results: The effectiveness of muscle and joint self-management program on shoulder flexibility and right knee extension (flexibility) were significantly improved (t=2.72, p=.010; t=-2.26, p=.029). Joint symptoms (pain, stiffness), physical functioning, depression, fatigue, and left knee extension were not significantly improved after the muscle and joint self-management program. Conclusion: The results showed the possibility of this 6-week exercise program in improving shoulder and knee flexibility for community-dwelling older adults.

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