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Factors Influencing Intention to Quit Smoking in Korean Adult Smokers: Using 2014 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey


Moon Seongmi 

INFORMATION : page. 178~190 / 2017 Vol.19 No.3


우리나라 제4차 국민건강증진종합계획에서는 Health Plan 2020 (HP2020)의 금연지표로서 성인 남성흡연율을 29.0%까지 그리고 여성흡연율을 6.0%까지 감소시킨다는 목표를 세우고 있다[1]. 2010년 이후 남성흡연율이 가장 높았던 시기는 2010년 48.3%였고 2014년에 43.1%로 나타났으며, 여성의 경우 2012년에 7.9%에 달하였으나 2014년에 5.7%로 떨어진 상태로[2] 남성흡연율은 여전히 높음을 알 수 있다. 한편, 여성은 연령이 낮을수록 높은 흡연율을 보였는데 20대의 경우 흡연율이 8.9%에 달하였고 30대는 7.0%로 평균 여성흡연율보다 높았다.

Purpose: The present study was designed to examine the impact of socioeconomic, health-related, and health behavioral factors on Korean people’s intention to quit smoking. Methods: The subjects were 851 men and 145 women, aged 19 or more who had participated in the 2014 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The intention to quit smoking was categorized as “within 6 months,” “after 6 months,” or “no intention”. The associations of the intention to quit smoking with sociodemographic, health related, and health behavioral factors were examined in a logistic regression. Results: In male smokers, the number of diseases, perceived somatotype, vigorous intensity leisure activity, aerobic physical activity, and smoking intensity had a significant influence on the intention to quit smoking. In female somkers, the economic status, number of diseases, walking activity, and moderate intensity leisure activity were significantly influential on the intention to quit smoking. Conclusion: To increase male smokers’ intention to quit smoking, it should be emphasized that smoking is harmful to. Moreover, special attention should be paid to low-educated female smokers to increase their intention to quit smoking.

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흡연,금연,사회경제적 요인,건강상태,건강행위


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