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Influence of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, Physical Activity, and Depression on the Quality of Sleep in Elderly Women with Urinary Incontinence


Park Jooyeon 
Kim Nahyun 

INFORMATION : page. 170~177 / 2017 Vol.19 No.3


노인에서의 수면 문제는 노화, 신체적, 정신적 요인에 의해 흔하게 나타난다. 우리나라 65세 이상 노인의 44.9%가 6시간 이하로 수면을 취하고 있으며, 여성의 경우에는 49.5%가 6시간 이하로 수면을 취하는 것으로 보고되어 있다[1]. 이러한 불충분한 수면은 수면의 효율을 저하시키고 낮잠을 증가시켜 만성질환 악화, 신체활동 저하 및 사회생활 감소 등의 부정적 결과로 이어진다[2]. 노인의 수면에 영향을 미치는 신체적 요인으로는 관절염, 뇌졸중 등의 만성질환과 하부요로증상이 있으며, 그 중에서도 신체활동은 노인의 수면에 영향을 미치는 주요 변수로서 알려져 있다.

Purpose: This study was to identify factors influencing the quality of sleep in elderly women with urinary incontinence and examine the relationship among the factors. Methods: The study investigated 113 elderly women with urinary incontinence who were subject to the visiting care program at health centers in D-gu, D-si, South Korea. The collected data were analyzed using IBM SPSS version 19.0 along with χ2-test, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson’s correlation, and multiple regression. Results: The total Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) of the participants was found to be 11.41±4.34. As a result of the correlation analysis, PSQI was found to have significant correlations with Female Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (BFLUTS) (r=.32, p<.001). The Korean version of Physical Activity Scale for Elderly (K-PASE) was (r=-.34, p<.001) and the Geriatric Depression Scale Short Form (GDS-SF) was (r=.23, p=.012). Multiple regression analysis found sleeping pill use (β=-.35, p<.001) had the strongest influence on PSQI, followed by physical activity (β=-.20, p<.001), depression (β=.20, p<.001), and lower urinary tract symptoms (β=.19, p<.001). The total model explanatory power was 28.3% (F=12.07, p<.001). Conclusion: The study findings are expected to be useful for enhanced understanding of the quality of sleep in elderly women with urinary incontinence.

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