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Risk Factors of Dyslipidemia and Related Factors of Medication Adherence in Korea Adults: KNHANES 2013-2015


Jeon Mi Yang 
Choi Won Hee 
Seo Yeong Mi 

INFORMATION : page. 131~140 / 2017 Vol.19 No.3


이상지질혈증은 전 세계적으로 심혈관계 질환 및 사망률을 증가시키는 가장 흔한 원인으로 강조되고 있으며[1], 우리나라에서도 가까운 미래에 심혈관계 질환의 가장 중요한 원인이 될 것으로 예측되고 있다[2]. 미국의 경우 2010년 미국성인의 53%가 이상지질혈증에 영향을 받고 있는 것으로 보고되었으며[3] 한국의 30세 이상 성인의 이상지질혈증 유병률은 2005년 8.0%, 2013년에는 14.9%로 두 배 증가하였고, 2015년에는 34.1%로 급격하게 증가하는 추세를 보이고 있다.

Purpose: Dyslipidemia was a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease and was a leading cause of mortality in worldwide. This study aimed to determine the factors associated with prevalence and medication treatment of dyslipidemia in Korean adult population. Methods: In this study, based on the criteria set by the Korean Society of Lipidology and Atherosclerosis, the factors associated with prevalence and medication treatment of dyslipidemia was evaluated in a population of 12,506 people (age≥20), who participated in the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2013-2015). The findings were tested by using multivariate logistic regression. Results: Dyslipidemia prevalence rate was 36.5%. Among populations with dyslipidemia, 17.5% were treated with lipid-lowering drugs. In the multivariate logistic regression model, male, increase in age, lower education level, non-drinker, current smoking, less physical activity, increase of body mass index, hypertension, and diabetes were associated with an increased odd of dyslipidemia. Female, increase in age, higher income, excess fat intake, hypertension, diabetes, myocardial infarction, and angina were associated with an increased odd of medication treat. Conclusion: The results of this study could be used to screen patients at the high risk for dyslipidemia or to predict medication adherence.

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이상지질혈증,유병률,발생위험요인,약물복용 이행


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