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Influences of Rehabilitation Motivation, Self-efficacy and Family Support on Rehabilitation Adherence in Stroke Patients


Park An Suk 
Ko Eun 

INFORMATION : page. 113~122 / 2017 Vol.19 No.2


뇌졸중은 전 세계적으로 중요한 사망원인 중 하나이다. 한국의 뇌졸중으로 인한 사망은 2015년 인구 10만명당 49.7명으로 2005년에 64.1명이었던 것에 비해 25.1%가 감소하였으나 암, 심장질환에 이어 여전히 사망원인 3위를 차지하고 있다. 또한, 뇌졸중 유병률은 2010년 2.9%에서 2015년 4.0%로 꾸준히 증가하고 있으며, 특히 50대 이후 연령에서 유병률 및 사망률이 급격히 증가하는 추세를 보인다[1].

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify influencing factors on rehabilitation adherence in stroke patients. Methods: This study was a descriptive survey. A structured questionnaire was used for face-to-face interviews with a convenient sample of 192 subjects, who were admitted in 5 rehabilitation hospitals located in G metropolitan city. Results: The score of rehabilitation motivation in the subjects was a mean of 2.04±0.35, self-efficacy 6.22±2.32, family support 3.40±0.82 and rehabilitation adherence 3.08±0.41. The rehabilitation adherence was a statistically significant difference according to the education level (F=3.40, p=.035), marital status (F=4.04, p=.019), number of personal insurance policies (K=9.80, p=.020), location of paresis (F=2.72, p=.046), and status of current smoking (M=657.00, p=.001). There was significant correlation among degree of rehabilitation adherence, rehabilitation motivation (r= .30, p<.001), self-efficacy (r=.14, p=.046) and family support (r=.18, p=.011). Rehabilitation motivation (β=0.19, p=.007), self-efficacy (β=0.14, p=.035), marital status (β=0.14, p=.038), number of personal insurance policies (β=-0.15, p=.045) and location of paresis(β=-0.15, p=.028) were identified as significant predictors. This model explained 22.6% of variance in rehabilitation adherence (F=5.92, p<.001). Conclusion: There is a need to develop an effective intervention for rehabilitation adherence improvement considering the identified variables in this study.

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뇌졸중 재활,환자이행,동기,자기효능감


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