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Effects of Information Provision on Anxiety, Blood Pressure & and Pulse in Cerebral Angiography Clients


Sun Yeon Lee 
Kyung-Sook Lee 

INFORMATION : page. 280~287 / 2016 Vol.18 No.4


Purpose: This study was to evaluate the effects of information on anxiety, blood pressure and pulse in cerebral angiography clients. Methods: The data were collected from June to November 2014. The participants were 42 (21 each for experimental and control group) patients who to received cerebral angiography. The information developed from researchers’ materials for cerebral angiography was provided only to experimental group. Measured variables were anxiety, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate. Research tools for anxiety were Spielberger’s state anxiety inventory, and 10 point visual analogue scale (VAS). Results: The difference in mean systolic blood pressure after intervention between the experimental group (129±15.34) and the control group (141±17.70) was statistically significant (t=-2.28, p=.028). The differences between the two groups in state anxiety, VAS anxiety, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate after intervention were not statistically significant (p>.05). Conclusion: The information using educational material was effective in to decreasing systolic blood pressure in patients who received cerebral angiography. Therefore this study material could be used as a nursing intervention for patients in cerebral angiography.

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